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Electric Vehicle Maintenance: What you need and where you need it!

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Good news for Central Alberta EV owners as they no longer need to drive to major city centres for maintenance. Electric Vehicle Maintenance is here in Central Alberta!

Following the successful launch of a DC Fast Charger at the Lacombe Quick Lane, the service team is moving towards their vision of providing industry leading EV Maintenance Services for Central Albertans.

Lacombe Quick Lane EV Maintenance Centre

As more and more electric vehicles find their way into rural locations, the need to provide proper care “closer to home” is essential in overall driver and ownership experience. A major crutch in the willingness for some people to jump into the EV lifestyle is the lack of service centres and support. A trip to Edmonton or Calgary is an inconvenience for many of us.

While maintenance needs are less than those of a regular internal combustion engine (ICE), electric vehicles are still complex machines that require maintenance. The bonus is that they have fewer moving parts than an ICE so they do require less maintenance and are actually cheaper to operate.

Certain maintenance items remain consistent, regardless of the vehicle you drive

· Tire Rotations & Replacements

· Fluid Flushes and Top-ups

· Replace Cabin Air Filters

· Replace Wiper Blades

· Wheel Alignments

· Brake Replacements

· Suspension Components

Some EV’s, including the Mustang Mach-E and the Ford Lightning, depend on a coolant to keep their powertrain components cool and avoid overheating. It may be necessary to flush or recharge the system periodically. The owner’s manual for the before-mentioned Ford vehicles recommends checking the integrity of the cooling system hoses, fluid levels and strength, at 6-month intervals.

Brake fluid and Pads

Both EVs and ICE vehicles use brake fluid. Flushing and replacing this fluid at regular intervals is a necessary service, regardless of what you drive. Ford recommends every 3 years.

EVs have an edge over gas cars when it comes to brake replacement. This is because the brake pads and rotors are worn down at a slower rate than a gas vehicle. This is a result of the electric vehicle’s regenerative braking function, which allows the motor to slow the vehicle using kinetic energy. This energy is then fed back into the battery to extend its charge.

Brakes are worn down slower and last longer so it is recommended to lubricate the brake calipers every 12 months, especially in areas that use salt to melt snow and ice… ahem, ALBERTA!


Okay, be forewarned, bonus points for gas vehicles in this category. You may need to replace tires on your electric vehicle more frequently. Partial blame goes to the extra weight of EVs. Those batteries are heavy! Good thing you’re not paying for fuel, hey?

Hybrids, Plug-in Hybrids vs EV Maintenance

Since hybrid and plug-in hybrids have gas engines on board, their regular scheduled maintenance routine is more like ICEs than an EV. However, they do have regenerative braking systems which, similarly to EVs, aid in brake life. Otherwise, the same oil change and gas engine maintenance items apply to Hybrids. With far less stops at the pump, their increased fuel economy reduces their operating expenses.

Central Alberta’s EV Maintenance Destination

The team at Lacombe Quick Lane is ready to welcome our EV customers with easy, convenient, and affordable maintenance for all make and model of electric vehicle. Electric Certified and trained Technicians backed by expert care from our professional Service Advisors.

All vehicles are welcome at Quick Lane.

We understand the different maintenance requirements for different types of vehicles, but we believe there is a standard of excellence that every driver deserves when trusting a shop to look over and service their vehicle, regardless of what they drive. There is a level of trust required to feel good about where you go.

Our vehicles are our life line to work, play and maintain our daily lives. When you bring your EV, Hybrid or ICE vehicle to Lacombe Quick Lane, you’ll drive away with peace of mind knowing everything is working and ready to get you where you need to be.

Click the button below to book an appointment. You'll be redirected to our easy and convenient online booking hosted by Lacombe Ford.

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