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We Are On A Podcast!


Recently  Taylor Waldbauer and Kelsey Bilyk, the service director and marketing director of Lacombe Quick Lane, met with the hosts of AMA's podcast EV Life to discuss electric vehicle maintenance. Kelsey and Taylor explain some maintenance requirements for EVs and share some tips for owners to reduce wear and tear on their cars over time in the first of a two-part episode.

Lacombe Quick Lane tire and auto centre now servicing electric vehicles
Flo DC Fast Charger at Lacombe Quick Lane


Electric vehicle service and parts centre

Conveniently located at

Lacombe Quick Lane Tire & Auto Centre

Convenient EV Servicing in Central Alberta

Gone are the days of travelling to Edmonton or Calgary to service your electric vehicle. Now you can experience the same luxury and premium services for your EV or Hybrid with convenience and ease at Lacombe Quick Lane Tire & Auto Centre. The right parts and maintenance schedules for all makes and models. Professionally trained technicians dedicated to the best care for all EVs unique requirements.


Lacombe Quick Lane is your trusted destination for electric vehicle service and maintenance. Our technicians specialize in all makes and models, including Tesla. We've got the right parts, we've got the right training. We'll make it easy and convenient.


Tires have always been our business. We promise you won't find a better deal or better advice on tires. Electric vehicles require special attention to their tires. Due to a higher rate of wear and tear, Lacombe Quick Lane offers advice on tire options specially designed to optimize your electric vehicle's driveability as well as increase the longevity of your tires. We have always been the tire experts and we guarantee you'll get the absolute best tires for your vehicle at the best price.


Do you have questions about driving EV? Whether you are currently driving an EV or considering a purchase, read through our BLOG to learn all about driving, charging and maintaining your vehicle. Information you can trust from a trained team of technicians, parts advisors and sales representatives. We've done the training, we've done the research and we've got the right information to make your EV or Hybrid driving experience exceptional

Our Service Packges
Premium Electric Vehicle Service at Lacombe Quick Lane
Executive Electric Vehicle Service Package at Lacombe Quick Lane
Red Carpet Electric Vehicle Service package at Lacombe Quick Lane

All maintenance packages include pick-up & delivery of your vehicle, within 50kms.

It is recommended to have your EV tires and braking system checked every 8,000kms or less
to ensure maximum efficiency, safe operation and prolonged tire life.


  • Rotate tires with tread wear inspection

  • Multi-point inspection

  • Inspect brake pads, rotors, drums and/or shoes

  • Check parking brake operation

  • Inspect brake fluid, top-up if needed

  • Radiator, cooler heater and AC link inspection

  • Check cooling system fluid level, top-up if needed

  • Coolant strength test

  • Wiper blade inspection and washer fluid fill

  • 12 volt battery test and terminal inspection

  • Inspect for fluid leaks

  • Exterior light check

  • Check horn operation

  • Inspect steering and suspension components

  • Inspect half shaft boots

  • Check for open recalls

**60-70 minutes/No Appointment Needed**


plus GST & shop supplies



  • Inspect body drain holes for obstructions and clean out debris

  • Inspect, clean and lubricate all weatherstripping

  • Inspect, clean and lubricate door hinges, latches, and locks

  • Battery terminal cleaning and protectant

  • Exterior clean

  • Charge high voltage battery to 80%

**Vehicle is needed for 4 hours**


plus GST & shop supplies

Red Carpet


  • Alignment check

  • Brake caliper servicing

  • Interior and exterior clean

  • Fully charge high voltage battery

*Vehicle is needed all day*

**Service rental loaners may be available**


plus GST & shop supplies


Cabin & Air Filters

Price depending on make & model

Wiper Blade Replacement

$16.99 ea, includes installation.

2-Wheel Alignment


Tire Swap on Rims


*Ask about FREE Tire Storage

Steering & Suspension Repair

Request a quote.

Vehicle Detailing

Bronze $99.99

Silver $249.99

Gold $399.99

Ultimate $1398.99

Headlight Restoration $99.99

Rock Chip Repairs

$29.99 each

12-Volt Battery Replacement

Request a quote.

Brake Repair/Replacement

Request a quote.

4-Wheel Alignment


Tire Mount and Balance


Shock & Strut Replacement

Request a quote.

Fluid Flushes

Request a quote.

XPEL Paint Protection Film

Request a quote.

12-Volt Battery Service

$29.99 per battery

Alignment Check

$29.95, waived if alignment is needed and performed.

Tire Repairs

Depending on damage, request a quote

Oversize Tire Mount/Balance


Cooling System Hose(s) Replacement

Request a quote.

Windshield Replacement

Request a quote.

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